You Were There

Hudba: Eyrah, Ertha 2006
Text: Eyrah 2004
První písnička, která prošla kompletní a drastickou transformací z akustického atmosférického kusu o kytaře a zpěvu do metalové podoby. Zatímco u Voiceless Flute a dalších šlo spíš o povrchové úpravy zvuku, tato si z původní verze ponechala jen slova.
Vydáno na EP v roce 2011.


You were there when the rain was falling,
And the sun was carrying all our dears away
In vain we were calling ‘cos they have faded
With that cursed day

You were there in that night
Like a hero who had failed
After a whole lifetime taking fight
In his dark-red blood he lied…

In the grace you them have given
In your light like guarded in the night by stars
These tears once forbidden to the crying hearts
For forever have they dried

In the grace of the kings
They all have been buried
And is fool who thinks
In their minds he can read…

In your dreams
You were there
With them all
In their pain
Swallowing their cry,
Carrying their fall,
Bleeding their hearts…

Losing their war…