Where the Wolves Are

Hudba: Eyrah, Ertha 2007
Text: Eyrah, Ereis 2010
Tango prokletých inspirované počítačovou hrou Gothic. K textu existuje řada dílčích podvratných verzí jako you come to this world as a lamp či hunting howl of hungry hooves.


You come to this world as a lamb
you know nothing about the role
that you have been given in this terrible play
will you be the hunter or the prey?

Welcome, my child,
Please look into my eyes
I want to be delighted by your light
Falling from the grace/Come to my embrace
Carrying angels‘ face

So you’re here…

I really wonder why such a goodness came to my heart!

Once, we all were good…
sons and daughters of happiness
but that day when our Lord told us: Go!
we got lost in the paradise of desire…

Now close your eyes, let me lead you through the loneliness of our time
Please don´t cry, I´ll take you home, I promise,
I will show you where the wolves are…

Come, come to me, my angel, under my shield,
Don´t worry, I will take care of you,
I´ll pray for your innocence,
I´ll be your guardian…

Forget the light of the sun and the silver moon
There are no stars for the cursed!

One day maybe you´ll understand / Come to me!
That all what I have / Belong to me!
done… / Dance for me!
I did for you / Feel for me!

Dance with us through the night
Warm our souls and fill your heart with cold desire
Hunting howl of hungry wolves
Piercing the dark shows what we are.