Hudba: Marcus, Ertha 2009
Text: Eyrah 2009
Resurrected, přezdívaná Bubu, byla první skladbou, se kterou přišel Marcus. Postupně se z ní vyklubala morbidní komedie, nebo spíš muzikál. A protože ne každý asi sdílí náš zvrácený smysl pro humor, prozradíme zde klíčový moment zápletky: ona nešťastnice při vyvolávání manželova ducha udělala osudovou chybu v latině…
Vydáno na EP v roce 2011.


Oh, come to me, my dear
In the name of dark powers and our love
You shall live again
Awaken now, I order you, rise!

Impero spiritus mortis a umbris te resurgere!

Are you the one who danced like a fool,
Barefoot trampled the gate to my realm,
And broke the silence of my marble halls,
Are you the one?!?

Yes, yes, it’s me
Can you not see
Your widow’s face
That sorrow has robbed of beauty and grace?
I’ve longed for you
Oh, for so long,
Waiting for nothing but the Hell to take me
Through the winter nights and summer mornings
These tears I’ve wept
Signs of my sins

Yes, now I can see
The glow in your eyes, the poisoned remedy
You have eaten too much fruit stolen from Paradise

Days without your light
Nights full of deadly sorrow
This all I had to bear
I’d drink my blood
Throw my heart into the flames
And devour the nest of my anxiousness

Yes, very well,
I remember those nights lavishing of lies and foolish fantasies,
I have drunk the cup of love with my bane,
Go away! By no means,
I do not want your flowers lying on my grave…

Forgive me for what I have done
That I have been the one
Who ended your days with such a pain…

I beg no more for light
I want to dream in your arms in deep sleep
As I used to do
I’m giving you all
Come back to life
Or kill me
Tear me apart
Do as you like and love me

Come with me, then,
Sacrifice your pain on my altar,
Step from the world of shadows
And enter the kingdom of never-ending darkness.
I’ll take you there…

But what is this I find?
Who are you?
For I see now
You’re no man of mine!
No! You liar! You deceiver!
Let me go!

Neither the man you have killed, you fool,
Nor any one of your miserable breed.
I am Death, the only master of eternity,
And you are mine.

No hope left now
Guiding my path
No way to flee my fate
I shall stay buried in your realm
I will not beg
Nor will I cry
After all I have done I deserve to die
And the flowers lying and withering on my grave
Will remain the last signs of my sins.