I have Dreamt about this Land

Hudba: Eyrah, Ertha 2006
Text: Eyrah 2006
Z této skladby jsme se velmi dlouho snažili udělat metal, ale nakonec jsme to vzdali a zůstali u starého dobrého pseudofolku… K textu máme také finský překlad. Bohužel ne zcela zpívatelný.


I have dreamt
About this land
Hidden in my visions
But so close to me…
Where the Sun never sets
And where’s no cold to fear
Where the birds don’t sing at all
But where’s a music
That enchants my soul…

Paradise of elves,
Witches in the full moon,
Powerful kings in the stone hall,
Great snake in the depths…
I’m looking for the land
Where could Peer Gynt dwell
Without any hesitation
In his foolishness
That’s what I search…

I’ve tried so hard to stand
All the pain I face on this world…

Wandering through the emptiness
Waiting for some signs
Accompanied by the northern lights
Lying down in the polar night…

Maybe you’re right when you say:
“Just stop thinking about this.”
Maybe I’m wrong or maybe
I am the only one to see…

To see the reason of the world
In the old heroic poems lost for all
To see the stories fading out
Like the leaves on trees when autumn comes
To know the Holy Grail is lost
And there’s no chance to bring it back…

Maybe you’re right, maybe I’m running
To the Eden of poetry
Then I waft on the sweetest web
Of my mysteries…

I can look down on the Earth
And at last distinguish the good and evil
You would never say how I feel
When I’m the only one to see…


Tell me now
What I have done
Why you have, my dear Fates,
Made this silly mistake?
Like Kullervo´s curse
Now my words go through the land,
Following the path that I didn’t choose
But for which I was born

One was dressed in black
And so were the others
Proud sons of Múspel,
Beautiful companions of Hel…
I wish to this world
To be burnt to ash
And let me be buried
In my foolishness
That’s what I search…