Hudba: Marcus, Ertha 2010
Text: Eyrah 2010
Tato skladba měla podle původního Marcusova plánu vypadat úplně jinak, jenže pak přišla Ereis s nápadem na klávesy a dílo zkázy bylo započato…


Silence, I hear them coming
They are whispering in my head
Again, again and again,
Again and again…
Funny, isn’t it?
Don’t you feel it?
The wave from your stomach…
A bit nauseating?

Laugh! They say to me
Laugh! It’s not too hard
Laugh and love and think
That the world is a paradise
I have known my fears
They crept from under my bed
I’ve heard so much words
And let them fall in vain!

Angels do they still dream of my soul or at last give up their fruitless hope?
My kingdom is not of this world but I’ve lost the star to lead me home

Do you doom me? Or should I search a path away?
Why can’t I understand this earthy circus‘ play?
The star has fallen and the sky’s darkened in the east
Why do you think, you fools, that the angels laugh?


Laugh! Spit to my face!
Laugh! Tears wouldn’t fall
Laugh and hate and think
That you are possibly more than I
I would need just one way
How to end with all this… crap!
Angels, do you hear me?
I can’t go back!